> When you say, 
 > Order by RAND()
 > I would think the "Order by"  construct expects a column name.
 > In your case, it gets a decimal value.
 > How does "Order by" treat decimal values?
 > Oh, I just checked the manual:
 > In MySQL Version 3.23, you can, however, do: SELECT * FROM 
 > table_name ORDER BY RAND() 
 > I still don't understand how does "Order by" work with a 
 > decimal value!!!

I don't pretend to have all the answer.  I just know that I had reason
to work this one out for myself a while back and when I consulted the
MySQL manual it gave sample code on what to do in MySQL to achieve this
result.  I accepted that fact and used it.  I haven't needed any deeper
information on this one so I haven't looked.

I suspect if you really want to know how it works then you'll have to
ask this question again on a MySQL-specific list - and perhaps even a
MySQL developers list.

CYA, Dave

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