On Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 11:02:54PM +0100, Emile Axelrad wrote:
> Hello - My problem is as follows (I am trying to migrate from a mssql
> server to a mysql server)


> The data in the MSSQL table is: 
> IF I call this PHP code from my browser (IE6) it results in the
> following output:  and it also places into the MySQL database the
> value: 
> However, if I call this PHP code from the command line, using "php.exe
> test.php" it also results in the following output:  but it places into
> the MySQL database: 

This _could_ be happening because you're viewing the data using different
systems and software.  Each has it's own character sets.  This could throw
things off, making the output LOOK different, even when it's the same.

> I am sure it is a character set issue, but for the life of me I cannot
> work out why the command-line does not run the exact same script in the
> same way as a browser would?

The website could be running PHP as an Apache module (or some other 
binary) while the command line uses a standalone binary.  They could be 
using different php.ini files.  They could be different versions.


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