>Iíve been fooling around with a LOOP which should show one or more text
>string stored in separate rows in a DB. The trick would we to separate
>them with commas (,) when thereís another string to show or end it with
>a period (.) if no other row is found according to the SELECT criteria.
>This is what I have so far:
>for ($m=0; $m<$num_rows2; $m++)
>$row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2);
>echo $row2[devlanguage];
>if ($m < $num_rows2)
>echo ", ";
>echo ".";
>The problem is that the LOOP stops as itís told to do, keeping the ELSE
>statement from doing itís work, resulting in comma separated string as
>it should, but also add an extra comma at the end of it instead of a
>period. What approach should I use?

This is a case where doing echo as you go is not so good, because you can't
take it back :-)

$output = '';
while (list($devlanguage) = mysql_fetch_row($result2)){
  $output .= "$devlanguage, ";
# Strip off final comma:
$output = substr($output, 0, -2);
$output .= ".";
echo $output;

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