>Hi, got a question.
>What happend if ignore_user_abort is true, and the user closes the window?
>Also, i tried, but i push the stop button, and the script stops, shouldn 
>ignore that?.

I *THINK* ignore_user_abort() is only useful with some browsers...

Or, perhaps, it relies on Apache figuring out that the connection is dead,
and reporting back to PHP, and there's a fair amount of time-lag in that

Or, perhaps, it never really worked very well...

All I now for sure is that I have this vague idea in my head that it's just
not something you can really rely on.

It's still convenient to kill lengthy processes, but not for
mission-critical knowledge of the HTTP status.

If you *NEED* to be sure, I think you're stuck with Java applet/servelet
setup, from what I hear.  (Strictly heresay.)

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