Anybody has ideas on how to detect the connection speed of visitors in order 
to automatically take them to the Hi-speed or low-speed version of a site?

        We want to make a hi and low speed side, but I would prefer not to confuse 
visitors with a page where they have to choose between hi or low speed. I 
personnaly find these annoying, as they are a useless step towards the 
information I am looking for when I am checking a website.

        What I was thinking about is doing a reverse dns lookup on the client's IP 
and try to determine quickly if he's on a low or hi speed connection. For a 
very good proportion of visitors, I think it is possible to determine it.

These would go to the low-speed site:
"dialup" (ex.: dialup-

These would go to the hi-speed site:
"cable" (ex.: wc08.ym.rnc.net.cable.rogers.com)
"dsl" (ex.: mpy-77-035.adsl.reimari.net)
"home" (ex.: cp111494-a.roemd1.lb.nl.home.com)
and any IP starting by 24., since these seems to be owned only by cable 

        With a little bit of tweaking it would be possible to properly route more 
than half of the visitors, simply by looking at their IP address and 
associtated hostname. The remaining would go to the default side (hi or low), 
and we would make it easy to switch from the hi-speed side to the low-speed 
one and vice-versa.

        I am open to suggestions on ways to improve such system and general 


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