Are you running PHP as CGI or ISAPI?

I got so much similar trouble with the ISAPI dll on IIS that I use the CGI


"Kondwani Spike Mkandawire" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a problem running my Scripts from IIS...
> I test them on my localhost which is running
> Apache and PHP 4.2.1 and it works perfectly...
> However I get an undefined variable error
> running it on an IIS Server running PHP 4.2.1
> Apart from these messages that make my
> "send to" pages look untidy, the Script still
> runs as expected on IIS...  I have tried a couple
> of approaches:
> Stuck in some if and isset statements...
> Effect:  It affects the running of the whole
>      Script (Some of the variables loose info...
>         and I am using locking quotations \")...
> I have tried sticking in @symbols and this
> has no effect
> I have tried sticking in if empty...  This has
> a similar effect to if isset...
> Does anyone else have any ideas on what I
> could do?
> Kondwani

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