You'll have to assign each user a unique id each time they log on. If they
attempt to log on again, check and see if they already have a unique id and
if they do, don't let them log on again.

the problems you'll run into with this is, though, is that if someone
doesn't log out, they'll still have a session and will have to wait for your
cron job to clear it out... It goes back to the old question of how do you
know if someone is really online. what if they are viewing a page,
accidently close the browser, and then try to log in again. your script will
probably think it's someone else trying to log on...

Not sure if there is a truly effective way to do this...

---John Holmes...

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Subject: [PHP] Preventing Multiple Log-Ins after Authentication

> Is there a standard method in PHP for preventing multiple people from
> the same log-in username/password simultaneously on a membership site? Any
> suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Monty
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