I agree. Using a database is usually a good way of storing session 
information. But as noted by Dennis below, automatic logout may require 
additional scripts running in the background. This is a bit inferior in 
PHP compared to ASP. In ASP, support for automatic session destruction 
is implemented by having a "magic" function (called Session_End) which 
will be called automagically by the web server whenever a session 
expires. Having this in PHP would be very nice too!


Dennis Moore wrote:
> If you do not want to use cookes and use SID or trans SID; Another method is
> to track your logins via a database.   This can be resource intensive
> though.    You need to update the database upon each click or have an empty
> window refresh every 1-5 minutes.  If there is no activity for 15 or 30
> minutes automatically log the person off in the database.  This requires a
> process to run in cron or a separate background program.  The advantage of
> this is that is very easy to add time based accounting to the session
> management system.

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