D> Hi,

D> I have the following situation.  I have an array of colors that I would like to 
print out.  My first course of action would be to convert the array to a string so 
that I can parse it.  My command
D> would be:

D> $color_list = explode(",", $color);

D> Now that I have a string of colors delimited by commas, I would like to parse the 
string and print out all my colors.  I have read the documentation on using the list() 
function but I find it
D> confusing.  Can someone clear the fog from my mind please?

D> Thanks,
D> Don

Assuming you have an array of colors called $color (and assuming I
haven't misread or misinterpreted any information), you can do the
following to directly print your colors.

// Prints out all colors comma-separated.
print(join(", ", $color));

// Prints out all colors linebreak-separated (HTML-wise).
print(join("<br>", $color));

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