Michael a écrit : 

 >> Well it could have been it, but it doesn't work neither trying to set
 >> the ErrorDocument into a .htaccess file.
 >> The problem is I am not even sure where is the trouble, and if it should
 >> work or not (I guess it should), so I don't know exactly where to ask,
 >> the dev list maybe ?

 > I seem to remember from when I was toying around with this that
 > $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] was still available.  Even if $_GET isn't
 > populated you could manually parse the REQUEST_URI.  Of course I may
 > be misremembering...  If it's not available on your install let me
 > know and I'll setup a test case on my server...

Well it still is in GET method because the url does still exist with the
?plop=foobar but in case I want to use POST method (which I will as my
form has huge textarea) everything disappear.
Also this is a turn around I don't like, I would first understand why it
doesn't work, and if I can fix it.

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