> Before I started to read up on sessions, I simply used my own form of
> session management by sending all relevant variables either via URL or
> via form fields to the subsequent pages. Obviously this method leaves a
> bunch of holes as well, but I KNOW that my application is always pure
> and simple HTML, doesn't have browser issues, doesn't have cookie
> issues, so 100% of the internet community can use it.
> Does anyone out there have a view/practise when it comes to
> session/cookies? - basically I am still not convinced that using
> sessions/cookies is a good idea, but I would love to be educated as to
> why I should...
 The issue on Advantages and disadvantages of Cookies has been
discussed numerous amounts of times...  There was also debate on
using I.P vs Cookies, I see from your address that you are based in
S.A. meaning there is still numerous amounts of people set on dial up
hence allocating someone a specific id via dial up would be totally
out of the question (dial up IP changes)...  Through the discussions
I was convinced that Cookies are and ought to be the best way to go...
Most people use IE/Netscape which does not ask if you want to
accept or reject cookies like the browsers that are generic to Linux
namely Konqueror and Lynx...  Furthermore, I don't know too
many people that scrimmage through their hard drive searching for
Cookies to delete...  besides most people (unless they have done
a great deal of web programming) don't know what a Cookie is,
so if they actually do get prompted to accept or reject a Cookie the
odds of them Accepting are equal to the odds of them rejecting
(probably even higher considering most prompts require a Yes)...

I'd say Cookies and Sessions are quite reliable...  Well, they are
the safest method I know to go about the problem of monitoring
ones surfing habits...  If anyone can think of another please post
her up, I'd be curious to learn of it...


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