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> A number of people have offered their opinion why cookies are a bad idea. As
> a developer new to PHP, if cookies are such a big a big no-no, how does one
> do effective session management without storing anything client-side?? Bear
> in mind that the browser is stateless and, the user can disconnect and
> reconnect in between fetching pages from your site.

You pass the session around in the URL

Something like <A HREF="page.php?SID">click here</a>, or you might build a
wrapper function that does it for you:

<A HREF="<?=link('page.php')?>">click here</a>.

Yes, that's every internal (relative) URL on your whole site :)

It becomes a trade-off between the convent but unreliable cookies, versus
the 100% accessible, but perhaps time consuming/tricky URL method.

As has been said on this list MANY times, just have a look at the big sites
like amazon.com -- no cookies, no javascript, no reliance on client-side for
anything.  Take care of it all server-side, where you have a controlled

Justin French

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