>I'm trying to connect to a server using ldap_connect.  The connection is 
>failing, but I'm not sure why.  When I try to use ldap_error() to narrow 
>down the problem, I get a messaging saying "... 0 is not a LDAP link 
>index at ...."  I'm not sure what other options I have.  Any suggestions 
>would be apprecieated.

ldap_error() tells PHP to use the LDAP connection to talk to the LDAP server
to ask it what went wrong.

You never got a connection in the first place, so it's a bit of a chicken
and egg problem...

If you turn on track_errors, you *MIGHT* find something useful in
$php_errormsg (?)

What message do you get from the connection failure, if any?

Can you use any other tools on the same computer to connect to LDAP?

Can PHP connect to some other publid LDAP server somewhere as a test case?

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