>when i try to connect to my local imap server by php i get the message
>(standard ie message) that the page can't be shown. with another server
>(imap.web.de) everything works fine. with outlook i can access my server
>without any problems and also mtest seems to work without any errors. what's
>wrong. would be nice if anybody could help me.

Does it take awhile on the other browsers?

IE is very impatient sometimes, and will "time out" while waiting, while the
others will sit there longer and eventually give you the answer.

About all you can do is make your application faster, or fool IE into
waiting. :-)

If you can connect to IMAP asynchronously, you can keep sending a space to
IE while you're waiting, and call http://php.net/flush so that the spaces
out out to the browser.

If this all has to happen before some headers go out, you *might* be able to

  header("Microsoft: sucks");

and fool IE that way into keeping the connection open...

But I'm not sure PHP won't cache the headers and ignore your flush() at that
point anyway...

If the other browsers are all responding quickly, then you've got some other
problem with IE, which is no surprise.  It's got lots of problems :-)

What exactly is coming to IE in the way of headers and content?

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