>Is there a way I can decide where to target my output from server side?


The FRAME asks the web-server for some content, and the server delivers it.

You could, I suppose, tag every line of content with which frame it belongs
in, and then have JavaScript on FRAME A, shove it over to FRAME B.

That would be sick and twisted, and break on too many browsers.

>suppose my page has two iframes
>! A !! b !
>while executing a script that is called by A can I spawn another script 
>that will output to "b"? And no, I cant' use any Jscript, but I do know 
>from server side what my target names are (A and b, that is).

Oh, well if you can't use JavaScript, you can't do it...

But you can maybe achieve the same *EFFECT* like this:

    <FRAMESET ...>
      <FRAME NAME=A SRC=a.php?<?=$QUERY_STRING?> ...>
      <FRAME NAME=B SRC=b.php?<?=$QUERY_STRING?> ...>

----------- a.php -----------------
<A HREF=whatever.php TARGET="_parent">

Similarly in b.php

The point being that by forcing every link and FORM to go *back* through the
"main" page, and then down into the two sub-frames, you can keep them in
sync with each other.

If an iframe is somehow magically different from a plain old FRAME (they all
suck, so I don't pay attention to them) then I might be wrong.

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