>Sorry for this (ot) message, the apache mailing list isn't very helpful.
>I need some information on mod_rewrite and mod_vhost_alias.
>My server doesn't want to detect subdomains.

mod_rewrite Rule #1.

Use that EngineLog or whatever it is to crank up your logging of mod_rewrite
as high as it will go.  Never mind the warning in the Apache manual about
dire consequences to performance right now -- You'll *NEVER* intuit what the
hell mod_rewrite is doing without that log.  Trust me on this one :-)  Lost
a lot of hair before I got brave enough to ignore that particular warning in
the manual.
EXCEPTION:  You're *not* doing this to a *LIVE* *PRODUCTION* server,

Don't know squat about the mod_vhost_alias, or how it might be involved with
the rewrite bit.

You are reading everything you can find about these at http://apache.org,
right?  Very nice web-site, once you figure out the format of the
documentation.  If your head is spinning, study the documentation on the
simplist directive you think you *completely* understand, and then work with
one that you think you understand that's a bit more similar to the one
that's giving you problems, and then go back to your problem directive... 
Seeing the documentation "in context" with other directives often makes
clear a single line that otherwise is just gibberish :-)  YMMV.

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