>there is a problem in a enterprise LAN:
>On each PC runs a Client, which waits at a haven for messages.
>With fsockopen(); messages are sent to all existing Clients.
>Functioned only, if one knows, the which Clients are switched on.
>If the Script meets a IP, whose PC is switched off, it dies.
>All following IP's receives no more message.
>My problem:
>How can I receive a list of the PC's switched on at present with PHP?
>System calls are not a genuine solution.
>The Script is not only to work under Linux.

I don't think fsockopen's failure to open a socket will "kill" a PHP

Show us source code for that bit, and the loop you use to visit all the

Also be sure you are setting a reasonable time-out on the fsockopen
(http://php.net/fsockopen) as well as on PHP itself

Try adding as much error-checking code as you can around the fsockopen
functions calls, and log the stuff to a file or something where you can get
it. http://php.net/error_log

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