Damn, what a flame war I've started! I had no idea... 

In any case, Richard: I agree that HTML e-mails, generally speaking, suck. 
The most HTML I **personally** think should be in an e-mail is a quick link 
to a web page, maybe a bit of text coloration/sizing for emphasis. 

However, **professionally**, I'm looking at something completely different. 
I run a small web services business looking for any form of cash possible, 
and a local portal site has offered to promote on their site an HTML 
e-mailing system that we create -- and they have customers *begging* for it. 
While I as an individual may despise HTML e-mail, I as a businessman cannot 
turn down such an obvious revenue-generation stream, especially in today's 

I came to the list looking for technical help because it's something that I 
need to do, not something I want to promote. Whatever my motives may have 
been, though, there's no reason to launch such a tirade on the subject 
on-list -- if you want to bitch and moan and flame, it's just as easy to do 

Please, please, let's kill this thread and all the animosity going with it 
 -- *especially* since I've been kindly pointed in all the directions needed 
for technical help. 

Alex Kirk

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