You *did* read the notice that came up at the end of your 'configure'
run, right?  (Specifically the part that said "*** NOTE ***  The default
for register_globals is now off.  If your application relies on
register_globals being ON, you should explicitly set it to on in your
php.ini file.  Note that you are strongly encouraged to read about the
implications of having register_globals set to on, and avoid using it if

For more info, see the above link, or the "External Variables" section
of the 4.2.1 release notes at, or
the manual section on predefined variables at

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> From: Kristopher Yates [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
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> Subject: [PHP] upgrade 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 (passing vars problem 
> with 4.2.2)
> I have been running 4.1.2 for a while with no problems.  This 
> morning, I downloaded 4.2.2, did a configure/make/make install. 
> All seemed to have gone well.  However, it broke all my sites
> that use PHP.  Here is a description of how it appeared to be
> broken.  This is just an example, as I dont really own
> [snip]

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