>I am trying to execute a Script running a telnet command
>testing through a range of IP connections...
>Here goes:
>    $str = "123.456.789.";
>    $count = 0;
>    while ($count < 999){
>        $runTheScriptCommand...
>    }
>What I want to stick into the while loop is if connection
>was successful, break...  Is there a way I can check whether
>telnet connection was successful on each step through the
>loop or do I have to restructure my program and try
>connecting to a port via fsockopen...  By the way
>does anyone know what port number telnet connects to...

You should be able to capture the output of http://php.net/exec or
http://php.net/popen and do whatever you want with it.

fsockopen will, however, almost certainly be faster/better if you have to do
a lot of these.

I think telnet is port 22, usually...  Or maybe 23.  SSH is the other one of
those, and I always forget.

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