>Hi, tried this on mysql list, no luck:
>I want to be able to view a single log that contains the following:
>IP of user : page_name (PHP only): time/date: MySQL query ( 'select * 
>from xxx' etc.) : error msg from mysql/php if any
>So it's almost a hybrid between apache and mysql with some extra's
>I'm sure you all should see the benifit of this in troubleshooting and 
>specially keeping track of who does what when it comes to PHP coding on 
>ones server, specially with crappy code that kills the server.
>Is something like this possible, already there?
>PS, Running RedHat 7.0 with PHP4 and mysql 3.23.x


if you can get everybody to use your own function to query the database.

Or, you could use http://php.net/set_error_handler and
http://php.net/trigger_error and catch all errors thrown by all PHP code.

Actually, to get the PHP page name and line number, set_error_handler is
probably your best bet.

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