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N> "Tom Rogers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> Hello Nick,
>> Monday, July 22, 2002, 8:47:39 PM, you wrote:
>> N> i get php to allocate a colour then make it transparent using
>> N> imagecolortransparent()
>> N> instead of turning it transparent it becomes black.
>> N> Is it something i'm doing wrong? can anyone help me?
>> N> thanx in advance
>> Post a bit of the code so we can see what you are doing
>> --
>> Tom

N> $im = imagecreate($size, 21);

N> $bgcolour =
N> imagecolorallocate($im,hexdec(substr($table[bg],0,2)),hexdec(substr($table[b
N> g],2,2)),hexdec(substr($table[bg],4,2)));
N> $fontcolour =
N> imagecolorallocate($im,hexdec(substr($table[fg],0,2)),hexdec(substr($table[f
N> g],2,2)),hexdec(substr($table[fg],4,2)));

N> if ($table[bg] == "no") {
N>  $trans = imagecolortransparent ($im,$bgcolour);
N> }

It looks like you are using $table[bg] for 2 purposes
if it is 'no' it will not be a true hex value for the background

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