using header() should work if you don't output anything before it. If you
can restructure your code so that you can remove any output until after the
header(), then that'd be the way to go.

You said the meta refresh didn't work - did you get the syntax right? Since
I don't use it much, it's one of those tags that takes me ages to get the
syntax right (I could chuck it into a code repository somewhere, but I'm too
lazy to do that...)

Failing the above two methods, you could put a hidden form that gets
auto-submitted when the page loads


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Subject: [PHP] redirecting after login


A site I'm working on requires a login screen where various individuals 
will log into the site and add information for their various 
departments.  Rather than setup a different script for each department, I 
was hoping to create one script that would either accept or deny a login 
based on the username/password stored in a database, then based on the 
username/password - redirect the individuals browser to a URL.

I've got the login part working perfectly, and I can turn the URL into a 
link on the page, but I'd rather have the script just automatically forward 
the person to the page they're login gives them access to.

I've tried using header(), but since the redirection takes place about 
mid-script, it doesn't work.  I've also tried using <meta> tag redirects, 
but those don't seem to accept the PHP/MySQL combo.

Any ideas?


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