On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Tim Thorburn wrote:
> A site I'm working on requires a login screen where various individuals 
> will log into the site and add information for their various 
> departments.  Rather than setup a different script for each department, I 
> was hoping to create one script that would either accept or deny a login 
> based on the username/password stored in a database, then based on the 
> username/password - redirect the individuals browser to a URL.
> I've got the login part working perfectly, and I can turn the URL into a 
> link on the page, but I'd rather have the script just automatically forward 
> the person to the page they're login gives them access to.
> I've tried using header(), but since the redirection takes place about 
> mid-script, it doesn't work.  I've also tried using <meta> tag redirects, 
> but those don't seem to accept the PHP/MySQL combo.

Once they've been redirected, can they just bookmark the resulting page 
and never have to log in again?


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