Apache 1.3.23 + PHP 4.1.2 + PostgreSQl 7.2

I have a guestbook that I would like to display the current month's entries. 
I can display all the entries before the current month, but i can't seem to 
figure out how to extract the currrent month's.

Although the code below is a db issue, I don't know whether I should write 
code to extract the info before or after the db connection. Should I:

        1.  Set up the parameters beforehand in PHP, and then do a query;
        2.  Within the query itself (as the code I tried [and didn't work] below);
        3.  Or, somehow in PHP, after I get all the results [obviously without the     
                db WHERE clause].

// lots of code 

$db = pg_connect("dbname=rap user=postgres");
$query = "SELECT * FROM guest WHERE pdate = "{$_SESSION['pdate'] == 
date('Y-m')";  // pdate is formatted ('Y-m-d')

// etc, etc. . . 

I know this is a simple question -- but my mind's totally blotto after a 
day's coding. 

Any help, pointers of where to look, or admonitions will be gratefully 


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