Well, that would be nice! Sort of 'completes-my-day' :>
So, both are vulnerable, eh? Great.

Thanks for the warning -- but I'm using them for design only. Once the site 
is on-line, I'll be sure to use the upgraded versions. From what I read 
on-list, however, the current 'upgrades' have their problems too. Luckily, 
I'll be on-line later in the fall, so enough time might pass for the new PHP 
to stabilize.

Regards, Andre

On Tuesday 23 July 2002 08:47 pm, you wrote:
> What do you guys think? Should we tell him he's running a vulnerable
> version of PHP _and_ of Apache???
> On Tuesday 23 July 2002 16:26 pm, Andre Dubuc wrote:
> > Apache 1.3.23 + PHP 4.1.2 + PostgreSQl 7.2

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