>Is there a way to limit the total number of persistent connection to an
>oracle database?  I know this functionality exists for MySQL through a
>setting in the php.ini but I haven't found it for oracle.  I am in an
>environment where we have about 10 users that connect to oracle from
>each of 10 webservers that each have about 20 apache processes and I
>would like to use persistent connections but the resulting 2000
>connections would overwhelm oracle.  I am looking at reducing the number
>of users but that will be a large undertaking to go through the entire
>codebase.  Any ideas?

It's really an Oracle question, I think.  The setting in php.ini for
limiting MySQL is, I think, not *quite* the same as the setting in MySQL's
/etc/my.conf that limits how many MySQL will accept...  Not sure on that

Still, it's probably one of Oracles two zillion environment variables.

I have to assume that Oracle can do that -- for the price you paid it had
better :-)

Make sure you have a few spare connections that you never use.  When you
need to do something in a panic from the shell and all the connections are
already tied up, it's not pretty...

Your code-base had better be ready for the failed connections...  I mean, if
you didn't write good solid error-checking in all 2000 connection points,
you're going to see a lot of applications dying horribly...

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