>I have a challenging part to this project.  Let's say the PHP webserver
>establish a connection to a different website and received the ssl
>connection from there.  How do I get the certificate information from that
>website and display it?  I can use print_r($GLOBALS) but it only display the
>certificate from this PHP webserver.  So, how do I get the certificate
>information from that website??

I don't really know the answer, but...

Check the output of <?php phpinfo();?> to see if there are any leads.

Maybe cURL has a way to request the certificate information.

You can't get like their whole certificate, though, right?  I mean, there's
definitely a part of that which is "private" like the "private" half of a
PGP key, right?...  It may not be possible to access what you think you want
to access.

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