You beat me too the punch and I think you explained it better than me, but
just one minor little thing to note.  Where you said..

"if ( $result = mysql_query($sql)) "

This is not a valid way to check if the query has returned anything.
mysql_query() returns FALSE on error.  So if there was no error but there
also wasn't anything returned then the object stored in $result wiill more
than likely evaluate to TRUE.  For the determining factor you should count
the number of rows with mysql_num_rows($result).  If the returned value is
zero then you know it hasn't returned anything.


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> I can almost guarantee that it's not the second line that is "failing",
> the problem here is that $result is not containing naything, and that is
> normally due to the fact that you are not connecting to the db, or the
> table "tablename" is not there.
> I use the following format as my "standard" MySQL connect and query
> $link = @mysql_connect("localhost",$username,$password) or die ('Could
> not connect!'); //@ suppresses the default error message generated by
> this function and the "or die()" bit kills the script right then and
> there should it not be able to connect.
>         mysql_select_db("YOUR_DB_NAME",$link);
>         $sql = "select * from your_table_name";
>         if ( $result = mysql_query($sql)) {  // checks to see if $result
> contains anything before it even tries to fetch an associative array
> from it.
>              $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
>         } else {
>         echo "Empty result set!";
> Note also that I use mysql_fetch_assoc and NOT mysql_fecth_array, as 9
> out of 10 times, you don't need the array element id's that is returned
> by mysql_fetch_array.
> Matthew Bielecki wrote:
> >I have a couple of scripts that fail with the error of:
> >Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL
> >resource in...
> >
> >I'm new to both SQL and PHP and I'm wondering if I have some setting
> >turned off or what.
> >
> >Here's the piece of code that is failing (the second line fails):
> >
> >$result = mysql_db_query($dbname, "SELECT * FROM tablename ORDER BY id");
> >        $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
> >
> >
> >Thanks for your help in advance!!
> >
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