what's the best way to log the bad email address' from a mail() loop?

my guess is:

$log = '';
$subj = 'foo';
$msg = 'blah';
$head = 'From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]';

    $log .= "{$to}\n";

// write $log to screen, or to a file

But I'm interested in people's experience with what mail() returns:
>From the manual:
"mail() returns TRUE if the mail was successfully accepted for delivery,
FALSE otherwise."

Is the definition of "accepted for delivery" dependent on each server, or is
there are general definition of what it means?

ie, when am I likely to get a returned value of FALSE?

Also, I'm on a shared server.  Is there any way I can specify the email
address that bounces return to with either an ini_set or with an email

Because my assumption is that there will be email address' that return TRUE,
but later bounce.

Can't see what it might be in the php.ini file though.

Thanks in advance,

Justin French

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