On 07/25/2002 05:27 AM, Justin French wrote:
>>You'll need to catch bounces as they come in. To make life easier, assign
>>your own unique Message-IDs and remember them, so you can easily
>>invalidate addresses.
> Erm, I'm on a shared server, so I don't *think* it's that easy unfortunately
> -- I can't get a message to bounce to the From: or Reply-To: headers I set.
> My guess is it goes to an address set in php.ini, or somewhere else, and is
> global to the entire server (doesn't help me).
> Unless I can set it was .htaccess or ini_set().

You do not need to set the return-path/envelop sender address in php.ini 
  . There are ways to work around that. It depends on the platform that 
you use, but in general you can use this class for that purpose.



Manuel Lemos

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