I know I should not ask this question - but as I am not getting prompt 
reply from mysql mailing list posting it here too - Just in case anybody 
knows about it

I am trying to install the mySQL on our remote server thr putty (SSH). 
Following are the set of commands given by me,

I have downloaded mysql-3.23 for BSDi.

1)put into /usr/home/mysql-src directory and given following 2 commands 
going into
shell>cd  /usr/home/mysql-src
shell>gunzip mysql-xxxx.tar.gz
shell>tar xvf mysql-xxxx.tar

This is creating the directory mysql-xxxx
2)Config -

shell>cd  /usr/home/mysql-src/mysql-xxxx
shell>./configure -basedir=/usr/home/mysql -with-low-memory

This command is giving me problem - saying - at the end
shell>Starting mysqld daemon with database from 
rm /tmp/mysql.sock - Operation not permitted
mysqld end

Can anybody help me in this matter - What is the meaning of it ?

Thanks in advance and regards

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