Richard Lynch wrote:
> > $hostname = 'ssl://';
> You have to be running PHP 4.3.0 (IE, CVS or snapshot) to use 'ssl://' with
> fsockopen, according to the manual.
> You may have to use cURL for now, or develop in 4.3.0 and deploy when it's
> ready, or...

I tried mucking around with cURL for a bit, but couldn't figure out a
way to use encryption with telnet (not to mention that
documentation/example code for the telnet feature is non-existant).

So, I tried building the the latest snapshot of 4.3.0.  Now when I try
to use fsockopen(); with ssl:// I receive this message:

Warning: fsockopen(): no SSL support in this build in
/usr/home/research/htdocs/tests/secure2.php4 on line 6

I did include OpenSSL there something else I need to

--Josh Levine

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