Are you using the CGI executable or the server plug in thingy?

If you're using one of each, the server module looks for C:\windows\php.ini
and the executeable looks for php.ini in the same directory as the

If you have two CGI versions, you could rename one and rename its php.ini
accordingly i.e. php4.exe and php4.ini but I don't know if this would work.

There is something in the help (CHM version anyway) about running PHP3 and
PHP4 together but PHP3 didn't have the server extensions did it?

"Scott Fletcher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi!
> There are a couple of websites I had to move from one machine to this
> machine and it introduced two new problems.  There are two different
> of PHP, however IIS can work with two different version of PHP without a
> problem.  The 2nd problem is to have two different php.ini file from two
> different PHP version to work together.
> Have anyone experience this problem?  What would be the best solution to
> problem?  Recommended Solution to the problem?  Suggestion?  Upgrading a
> couple of websites that use the old version of PHP is not an option right
> now.  That would take way too long and there's not enough time for that
> right now.
> Thanks,
>  FletchSOD

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