Christoph Grottolo wrote:
> If you use cgi, no problem, just put the php.ini into the php
> directory (instead of the windows directory). This works.

sorry, forgot to write:
put the different versions of php into different directories (i.e.
c:\php\php421 and c:\php\php430)


>> There are a couple of websites I had to move from one machine to this
>> window machine and it introduced two new problems.  There are two
>> different version of PHP, however IIS can work with two different
>> version of PHP without a problem.  The 2nd problem is to have two
>> different php.ini file from two different PHP version to work
>> together.
>> Have anyone experience this problem?  What would be the best solution
>> to the problem?  Recommended Solution to the problem?  Suggestion?
>> Upgrading a couple of websites that use the old version of PHP is not
>> an option right now.  That would take way too long and there's not
>> enough time for that right now.
>> Thanks,
>>  FletchSOD

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