I'm still learning PHP. Against suggestions from most of this list I 
took the Brain Bench test and got in the Master category :) but even at 
RHIC I scored in the expert range on their test. It must be the 
similarity to Perl.

Anyhow, I was wondering (and I've asked this in a different way before) 
if some people with "experience" might suggest certain functions or 
classes etc. that you only encountered after perhaps writing it 
yourself. This happens a lot in Perl. Many Perl programmers will write 
a template system only to stumble upon the vast repository at CPAN 
afterwards. So I always tell new Perl programmers to search CPAN first. 

Allow me to show my ignorance. I use the following site to find stuff 
before writing myself:


But I'm not using Pear for anything and never even look wherever it 
might be. I hope this is not like a Perl programming ignoring CPAN. Ah, 
I have it in my bookmarks here:


I think this is the standard to follow for documenting code:


When I installed PHP on my windows box I saw all the things I could do 
to the ini file. I much prefer to strict environment. I wrote a LOT of 
code that was not like it should have been. 

I would guess that if I wanted to follow an accepted coding standard 
this would be the one:


And that's about it. I name files .inc or .cls or I use .php rather 
arbitrarily I must admit. Only .php files are returned to a client as 
that was brought up in a recent thread.

Any tips or suggestions very much appreciated. 

PLEASE NOTE. I know that of course I'm free to code however I want. I 
fully understand that. But having worked on websites where every 
programmer coded however they wanted ... well, I've become a fan of a 
standard outside of myself. No point in saying that I can do it however 
I want, that I know.

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