>Hi Gurus,
>I am using PHP 4.1.1, Postgresql 7.2  and Perl 5.6.0 on Linux.
>I want to delete files in a directory,which were created 15 days back.
>I can not do it, with PHP filesystem and directory functions, as PHP runs as
>"nobody" user.
>Can anybody pls. help me ?


There are several options:

1. Make the files be delete-able by "nobody"  This, of course, means *ANY*
other user on the system can delete them whenever they want to.

2. Use PHP (CGI) running under a cron job to delete the things that are
"old" or somehow marked for deletion by the web-page.  The cron job can be
schedule by a real user, and will have all their powers.  This is probably
"safest" and "easiest" of all the options.

3. Add another mime-type to httpd.conf and run a *second* PHP as CGI under
that mime-type (and filename extension) and then suExec that to run as the
owner of the files.  Once again, *anybody* who can use the mime-type can
then run as that user, so be sure you pin-point the (using httpd.conf
<Directory>) this into a directory only *YOU* can put PHP scripts, or you
might as well just do 1.

4. Write a sudo shell script that allows *ONLY* the files in question
(either restricted by directory or name or something similar) to be deleted
by nobody.

There are probably more options...

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