>You may already be doing it like this, but I think I found a new way to
>make select boxes auto-select (what data they put in) a lot easier. All you
>have to do is put a variable in each select tag that is equal to the value
>of the select option i.e.: <option value=teacher $teacher> -- then all you
>have to do is base the variable on that <select name=interest> $$interest =
>"selected"; quick and easy with out having to loop through an if elseif
>statement.  Let me know if you like that method or have any objections.

Since I'm always looping through choices in my database, and not hard-coded
values, it's really no trouble to do:

while ($id = ...){
  $selected = $id == $previously_selected_id ? 'SELECTED' : '';
  echo "<OPTION VALUE=$id $selected>...</OPTION>\n";

If I *really* want hard-coded options, I'll just put them in an array and do
the above.

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