>Hello, I am stuck here. In the name of efficiency I want to lower the number
>of callls to the database. So I am trying to give the most stringent query
>possible. This is the problem: I have stored the surfers shopping cart,
>where each item is stored as a session variable.Now on the database I have
>ALL inventory items, but I want to only display the details of what the user
>has in his cart.
>eg. : I want something like this:
>$result = mysql_query("SELECT * from Inventory where ItemNumber is in
>//  I need proper syntax to replace "is in"
>where Inventory has, ItemNumber (unique), Price, ItemName.
>So say the surfer has three items in the Session, then I stored the three
>unique ItemNumbers.
>Then with the above query I can get the rest of the information to represent
>to the user.
>I am looking down the avenues of a Set datastyp or maybe Enum, but I don't
>know if it will help.

create table cart(
  session_id char(32),
  item_id int

Then, if I have item #42, #57, and #314, there will be 3 rows in this table
for me:

adsfqweradfzxcvasdfqwer 42
adsfqweradfzxcvasdfqwer 57
adsfqweradfzxcvasdfqwer 314

So you can just:

select item_id from cart where session_id = $PHPSESSID

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