Ahhh, good old UO.  I remember GMing my taming, crazy what they've done to
the game since I've quit (120 skill, insane!).

I'm not completely sure of a few things about your question and I think that
I could help if you supply the answers to my questions.

Does one tamer's taming of an animal increase ALL animals by a generic
amount (i.e., John tames "a cow" for the first time, then Bill tames it,
then John tames "a polar bear" for the first time and, again, Bill retames
it; do both examples raise the requirement 9.8 points or is it based on the

If it is generic the answer is simple, if not, it might get a little more

"Spam" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I run an online gaming fansite, and most people that
> visit my site want to know what would be best to raise
> their skill on.  I started a script which basically
> takes numeric data (0-120) and pulls the information
> they need from my database.  I got the easy part down,
> which you can see here:
> http://www.tamingarchive.com/main/whattotame.php
> The complete listing of everything within the database
> is listed here:
> http://www.tamingarchive.com/tameables/
> Basically, the script pulls the animals from the
> database based on their "min" value.  Problem is when
> multiple people use the same animal for skill.  If Joe
> tames it, it might be 59.1 required skill, but if Bob
> comes and retames it, it takes 63.9 skill (+4.9).  I
> need to be able to somehow add creatures into my array
> that I just pulled from the database with the
> necessary amount added to the "min" value and sort it
> all by the "min" value.  My desired output would be
> like this:
> Rat              -0.9
> Sewer Rat        -0.9
> Cow              11.1
> Rat (2nd)         3.9
> Sewer Rat (2nd)   3.9
> Cow (2nd)        15.9
> Rat (3rd)        18.3
> Sewer Rat (3rd)  18.3
> My select statement just does multiple OR comparisons
> to see if adding the 2nd & 3rd retame values to the
> "min" value will still put it within my desired range.
> The "quality" part of the script is just a comparison
> on the "min" value.
> I don't even know where to begin to add these modified
> values to my array.  I'm awful with arrays anyway.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> sasha

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