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(Chris Earle) wrote:
> Ahhh, good old UO.  I remember GMing my taming, 
crazy what they've done to
> the game since I've quit (120 skill, insane!).
> I'm not completely sure of a few things about your 
question and I think that
> I could help if you supply the answers to my 
> Does one tamer's taming of an animal increase ALL 
animals by a generic
> amount (i.e., John tames "a cow" for the first time, 
then Bill tames it,
> then John tames "a polar bear" for the first time 
and, again, Bill retames
> it; do both examples raise the requirement 9.8 
points or is it based on the
> animal)?
> If it is generic the answer is simple, if not, it 
might get a little more
> complicated.

Exactly, it is a set amount.  The 2nd time it is 
tamed, 4.8 is always added to the minimum amount.  The 
3rd time it is tamed, 19.2 is always added to the 
minimum amount.  I'm only going up to the 3rd, because 
anything past that is pretty much impractical.


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