I haven't noticed ANY performance hit by skipping in and out of PHP and HTML
when it suits me.

I imagine there *might* be a slight performance hit if you were building a
LOT of table information with print or echo or printf, but the general
answer to your question is usually "whatever suits you better".

You could run some comparison tests with a microtimer to see what happens...

I doubt on a 50-100K HTML page that you could notice the difference, unless
the site or server got S**TLOADS of hits.

Justin French

on 28/07/02 5:56 PM, Yves Vrancken ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am new to PHP and trying to implement some PHP and MySQL on my website. My
> website has a lot of tables and inside some of those tables, I want to
> display information that is drawn out of the MySQL database using PHP. I was
> wondering what goes faster:
> (A). Building the whole page normally up in HTML, doing the usual <table>
> <td> and so forth, and then inside the <td> calling up the PHP in order to
> display the information. For example: <td> <?php ...... ?> </td>
> (B). Doing everything in the PHP document, also the 'building' of the
> tables, and then including the PHP script in the main page. For example
> using printf("<tr><td>  and so forth.
> Thanks,
> Yves Vrancken

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