> I am new to PHP and trying to implement some PHP and MySQL on my
> My
> website has a lot of tables and inside some of those tables, I want to
> display information that is drawn out of the MySQL database using PHP.
> was
> wondering what goes faster:
> (A). Building the whole page normally up in HTML, doing the usual
> <td> and so forth, and then inside the <td> calling up the PHP in
order to
> display the information. For example: <td> <?php ...... ?> </td>
> (B). Doing everything in the PHP document, also the 'building' of the
> tables, and then including the PHP script in the main page. For
> using printf("<tr><td>  and so forth.

(A) will be faster, generally. Plus it's easier to read and find the PHP
snippets in the HTML, than it is to read an entire page of print/echo
statements. And it'll generally open neatly in a graphical HTML editor,

---John Holmes...

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