>    I am running my PHP application running on apache webserver.I am using
>Qmail(installed on Linux operating system) as an SMTP server..The problem
>is..I am not able to send any mails from my application using Qmail.Whereas
>I am able to send mails from my application using SendMail..My PHP
>application is running on windows 2000 and the qmail is running on

You mean PHP is installed on Win2K, and qmail lives on the Linux box, right?

Or are you just telling us your browser is on Windows, which doesn't really
matter to the sending of mail?... OPTION 2.

>The following is the technical information I am using in my application.....
>A) The mail configuration settings (in php.ini) are.
>1)SMTP =
>2)sendmail_from = [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>3)sendmail_path = /var/qmail/bin/sendmail
>I tried with the following two options too..that didn't work out..
>sendmail_path = /var/qmail/bin/sendmail
>sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail

The path is irrelevant if your sendmail and PHP aren't on the same box,
almost for sure...

I don't see *how* PHP could possibly be expected/allowed to run an arbitrary
program on some other computer than the one that it's living on...

Assuming qmail's sendmail wrapper works just like sendmail, you probably
sendmail_path = "/usr/qmail/bin/sendmail -t"

You may also want to check out other flags like -i

>B) And I am using php's inbuilt "mail()"  function in my application as
>mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]","test","test");
>Then when I tried from application I got the following message from Qmail
>"See http://pobox.com/~djb/docs/smtplf.html.";
>When I have gone to the above link it is saying the following things the
>qmail expects :
>1)  Every line in an Internet mail message is required to end with CR LF.
>The entire message ends with CR LF dot CR LF.  822bis specifically prohibits
>other uses of LF.

Yes, use \r\n, not just \n if you want to be kosher.

Though Un*x boxes usually fix it for you anyway.

>2)The mail clients discussed above are incorrectly ending lines with LF and,
>in most cases, ending the entire message with LF dot LF. That's not CR LF
>dot CR LF, so a server such as msn.com will sit there waiting for the rest
>of the message. After a while it'll give up and drop the connection. Your
>mail doesn't get through.

Same as 1.

>Some mail servers convert a bare LF into CR LF, and accept LF dot LF as the
>end of a mail message.

Same as 1.

>I wonder whether the php mail() function handles the mail ...The format
>qmail is expecting.

Yes.  But qmail isn't involved in this picture at all.

It's almost for sure not that PHP isn't using \r\n
Whatever is going wrong, it ain't that.

>I just want to know why the mails are not going through "qmail" from my
>application where as my application is able to send mail using "sendmail"
>with the above settings..

I don't see how the qmail/sendmail matters if you are using SMTP to send the

The defaults for -t may be different for qmail/sendmail...

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