Hi All !

First let me thank Jonas Pasche(qmail),David Phillips(qmail),Richard
Lynch(php)  and rest of the community for helping me to solve the problem..

Finally after a bit of trial and error it worked..Here I am pointing out
where I did the mistakes..

The first mistake I did was..what Jonas was pointing about...

1.  I should not have set the sendmail_path
     As my application is running on Win2k...I need not set the path..I
tried with all possible paths like,
     As the mail didn't work with qmail, which was working with sendmail, I
was confused to set this..I thought first the
     control  goes to SMTP server and then searches for the sendmail_path
there in the Linux box.

      After I commented out the sendmail_path,the mail server has thrown me
pop-up message..saying..
      "See http://pobox.com/~djb/docs/smtplf.html.";

    Then  I thought it is CR LF problem.. And I tried with the following
test mail program..
    mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]","test","test");
    and it worked to my excitement.
    And that confirmed me that "CR LF problem" is the second mistake I did
which was also pointed out by  David Phillips..

 2. I have replaced all the headers which were separated by only "\n"
before, with "\r\n". ..and that solved my problem..
     Actually my problem was only "CR LF problem" and I couldn't diagnose
that because I set the sendmail_path..which I
     should  not..
     When sendmail_path is set, the mail(test mail for that matter also..)
failed without any error notification from
      the mail server..which gave me the impression that the mail server is
sitting idle..

Thanks once again for all the support..

Regards !

Sreedhar Katikireddy, Software Engineer,
CS Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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