>Is there a way to change the value of a global variable when someon clicks a
><a href> URL link on a web page?

Not really...

Or, more properly, "Yes, but it wouldn't be the same global from PHP script
you're thinking of"

Let's look at HTTP in slow-motion:

1. Browser requests URL.
2. Server gets URL request.
3. Server identifies request as PHP and starts PHP
4. PHP computes HTML and spews it out via Server and quits
5. Browser gets HTML
6. Browser displays HTML
7. User moves mouse
8. User clicks

As you can see PHP is not even in the picture after step 4.

You *COULD* have the click open up a whole 'nother HTTP connection, change a
value in a database somewhere, and then return a whole new HTML page...

Step back and tell us what you are trying to do.

I suspect PHP is the wrong weapon entirely, or that you're trying to do
something that is not really in the realm of "known safe technology"

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