>        $cache_file_name = "cache/$id/$tid". ($showall ? '_all.php' : '.php');
>        $cache_dir_name= "cache/$id";
>        if(!file_exists($cache_file_name) || @filectime($cache_file_name) +
30 < time() ) {

If you may have loaded/altered the file system between calls to this
directory/file, you need to use:

>            if(!is_dir($cache_dir_name)) {
>                mkdir($cache_dir_name, 0777);
>            }

>            $lock=@fopen($cache_file_name . '.lock','w');
>            if(flock($lock,LOCK_EX)) {
>                include('modules/rally_live/create_cache.php');
>                flock($lock,LOCK_UN);
>            }
>            fclose($lock);

What happens if I don't get the lock?...  You just skip all this code...
I think you need some kind of while() loop to just keep trying until you
*DO* get a lock...

Otherwise, you will sometimes blow right by here, read the file that the
other script got a lock for, but hasn't created yet, and BAM!, there's your
"sometimes empty" files that have the code in them when you go looking,
because you have a race condition.

>        }
>        clearstatcache();

Hmmmm.  Might be okay for this to be only here, but I'd copy it above as
well.  *EVERYWHERE* you might need *current* file info.

>        for($i=0;!file_exists($cache_file_name);$i++) {
>            if($i==3) die('<b>Cannot read cache file!</b>');
>            clearstatcache();
>        }
>        include($cache_file_name);  // *sometimes includes empty file*
>        echo "<!-- File $cache_file_name included -->";
>The 'create_cache.php'  creates a php code, that later needs to be 
>executed. The problem is, the just created cache file seems to be empty 
>*sometimes* when included, however, if I look at it, it does contain 
>code. I do call fflush($cache_file) before closing it, so I don't see 
>why the file is empty.
>If anyone can help me, I would be really glad.

I think it's just your locking mechanism isn't safe, as described above. 
You can probably get rid of the for loop now.

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