>I am passing a value of checkboxes in a form to a new page like this (see 
>example here: http://www.gibsonusa.com/test/check/)
>In a new page how can I pull the data from a MySQL database according to 
>each value I passed from a previous page? In other words: Assume that the 
>value of a checkbox equal to the ID of the record in a database. The value 
>of checkbox 1 (for example) is 12345 and the value of checkbox2 is 67890. 
>After passing those values to a new page how can I pull the rest of the 
>information from a database for those values?

  if (isset($chk) && is_array($chk)){
    $ids = implode(', ', $chk);
    $query = "select whatever from sometable where id in ($ids)";
    mysql_query($query, $connection) or error_log(mysql_error());

By the way:

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You *really* need to support more than just the most recent version of IE if
you expect to get traffic... :-)

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