>I need a user to save an image file to their disk. Normally when someone 
>clicks on an link to a .jpg file, the fil will display on the same browser 
>window, since it is capable of displaying such files. Now, I don't want 
>this to happen, I need to be able to show the user the "Save As.." dialog 
>when they click the link. I know it can be done bc I've seen it in 
>phpMyAdmin, when you want to save the database dump. If you dont click 
>"Save as file" it just displays the text in your browser.

<A HREF=download.php/whatever.jpg?filename=whatever.jpg>Download

--------- download.php -----------------
  header("Content-type: application/octet-stream");
  header("Content-length: " . filesize("/path/to/$filename"));

Some stupid browsers will *INSIST* on using the URL to "guess" what kind of
file it is, and what default name to prompt with, no matter *what* headers
you send.  That's why the funky extra whatever.jpg is between the / and the
? in the link.

There are more headers like Content-disposition to convince even more
browsers to do the right file name in the prompt.

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