> I am using a textarea to pass information to PHP.  I want to be able to
>include HTML tags inside the text area.  I am using ln2br() to properly
>convert line breaks to HTML.  This is where my issue comes up.
>Lets say I have
>  <li>Blar</li>
>ln2br() will crunch that and put out:
><ul><br />
>  <li>Blar</li><br />
></ul><br />
>That creates a lot of white space when that HTML is rendered.  How do I
>tell PHP not to put line breaks in a situation like that?

You can't really have the user putting in HTML and then you adding in
nl2br() as well...

If you're gonna let them type in HTML, just have them put in any line-breaks
and <P> tags they need.

If they don't understand the BR or P tag, they won't be able to do any
others either.  :-)

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